2007 Pennsylvania Statewide Conference on Abandoned Mine Reclamation

Getting Your "Priorities" Straight

  Welcome to the homepage of the 2007 Pennsylvania Statewide Conference on Abandoned Mine Reclamation, the longest running annual statewide conference dealing with abandoned mine related issues in Pennsylvania.  

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Sponsors and Vendors

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The Conference Planning Committee is made up of a mix of non-profit organizations, for-profit companies and levels of state, federal and local government that deal with a common goal of reclaiming Pennsylvania’s Abandoned Mine Land Problems.

Arielle Avishai — Office of Surface Mining
Shaun Busler — Stream Restoration, Inc.
Donna Carnahan — PA Department of Environmental Protection-NPS Program
Kate Feissner — Eastern Middle Anthracite Regional Recovery (EMARR Inc.)
Jeffrey Gerard — WPCAMR (OSM/VISTA)
Bruce Golden — WPCAMR
Tim Gourley — Dietz-Gourley Consulting, LLC
Tom Grote — Kiski Basin Initiative
Mike Hewitt — EPCAMR
Bernie Hoffnar — Six Mile Run Area Watershed Committee
Robert Hughes — EPCAMR
Beth Kern — PA Department of Environmental Protection-Cambria DMO
Mark Killar — Western PA Conservancy
Andy McAllister — WPCAMR
John Stefanko — PA Department of Environmental Protection